Tuesday, January 21, 2020
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An eleven-month-old "Thank You" has finally reached its intended recipient.

A post in the Scottish Hill Walking & Wild Camping Facebook group praised "a very kind person" who discovered three pairs of walking boots and placed them on a fence in Eynort.

The post, from Joanna Hayes, went on to explain that her children's walking boots had been left on the roof of their car and fallen off.  Back in August, she hoped to reach and thank the person who saved her children's footwear.

However, it wasn't until Thursday 26 July that Joanna's post was seen by the intended recipient.  Richard Miller of Eynort explained that he rarely goes on the group in order to see Joanna's post - but that he was the one who had discovered the boots.  He wrote: "It was me that found those three pairs of shoes in the middle of the road on my way home and thought I would put them there so the owner would see them.  I'm glad you got them back."

Photograph from Joanna Hayes on Scottish Hill Walking & Wild Camping Facebook group.

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