Saturday, January 25, 2020
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The sound of revving engines was an unmistakable clue that something exciting was happening at Portree High School.  Skye Wheel Nuts, a forum for vehicle enthusiasts, have had their show for a number of years since the group was formed six years ago.

Skye Wheel Nuts was formed by Ricco Peri, whose passion for anything with wheels has enabled him to create a community of vehicle-lovers.  

This year's show was sponsored by NFU Mutual and saw a number of much-loved bikes, trikes and cars make an appearance, including a Ford Capri, Ford Popular, Rover, Austin and MG.  Each car has clearly been lovingly cared for, restored and adored by its owners.  

Each year, Ricco awards a number of trophies at the show - and these are trophies with a difference!  Ricco lovingly creates each one out of old and disused vehicle parts.  Trophies are awarded for best engineer, best bike, best trike, best car and these is even a prize for the person who has come the furthest to attend the show.

Ricco's artistic abilities do not end there!  Using frames for tables and chairs, Ricco transforms them into furniture by adding the spanners.  

Below is Ricco Peri with a collection of memories in photographic form.  

Proceeds from the day will go to the Lifeboat fund, who set up a stall providing refreshments.


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