Thursday, November 21, 2019
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The Isle of Skye is at "risk of being ruined by tourism," according to a list in CountryLiving.

The lifestyle and home magazine stated that the rise of tourism has some negative impacts.  "A number of the world's most famous natural wonders are at risk of ruin as they struggle to keep up with the excessive demand of visitors," it continued.  "Some may even be destroyed for good, if we're not careful."  The list went on to highlight nine places thought by writer, Olivia Blair, to be most at risk.

Skye was named at number three, with the list saying the island's recent film and television appearances have led to an influx of tourism.  

They also quoted flight comparison site, Jet Cost, stating: "'The increase in popularity has caused an overcrowding problem, with visitors turning up in motorised homes and other vehicles, blocking up the local roads,' a spokesperson for the travel company said. 

'The problem became so severe that the local police had to get involved, telling visitors back in 2017 not to travel to the island unless they had somewhere to stay.

'In addition to the problem over overpopulation, a huge amount of plastic waste is becoming washed up on the beaches.'"

Places in Peru, Italy and The Bahamas also received criticism in the list, which can be read here.

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