Thursday, November 21, 2019
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A food exchange box was recently installed near Carbost.

The box's mysterious and sudden appearance prompted questions on a local Facebook group.  

The idea behind the box came from crofter, Davide Khalil, who told The Skye Times: "I believe food is a human right and think that people in food poverty are often not with cars to visit food banks.

"So it's my idea that a box like this one at every recycle area in Skye might offer a local access point for food banking to those who are in need at the end of the road."

Mr Khalil estimates that the equivalent of five meals have passed through the box in the last week, since it was first installed.

Mr Khalil, an engineer-turned-crofter, is also confident the box will make it through winter.  "I've tested it in high winds," he stated.  "It's an engineering success so far.  The door closer on the lexan door prevents the wind from messing it up.

"I am confident that it will survive winters easily (even offering refrigerated storage!)"

Mr Khalil continued: "I myself think it's cool...  If the resources were there, or the will, and a donation from a few construction companies, the island could have a food-security box at every recycle area and a way for food banks to reach those at the rural end."



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