Saturday, January 25, 2020
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Dornie Hall toilets will remain open, following a public appeal and the MSP intervention.

The future of the toilets had been under-threat after Highland Council announced it was ending a funding agreement with the Dornie and District Community Hall Association for use of the facilities.

However, following a public outcry and pressure from Kate Forbes MSP, the local authority has had a change of heart – meaning that the toilets will now remain open.

Dornie Hall is a short distance from Eilean Donan Castle, one of Scotland’s most iconic tourist attractions, and a petition to the council had gathered more than 4,500 signatories.

The Dornie toilets are also well-used because they have disabled access and are coach-friendly.

Constituency MSP Kate Forbes welcomed the news, and said: “I have been in contact with local residents who were appalled at the prospect of these toilets closing.

“Dornie is one of the foremost tourist destinations in Scotland because of Eilean Donan Castle and it’s a fact of life that tourists will need to pay a visit to the toilet.

“I am absolutely delighted to see that Highland Council have seen the importance of these toilets and committed to a funding arrangement.

“These are the only disabled toilets in the area and particularly popular with coaches. The alternative would have doubtless lead to an increase in outdoor toileting which is not something any community wants to put up with.

“It is essential that with all the business opportunities that come from increased tourism the public sector ensures there are public amenities.”

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