Sunday, January 19, 2020
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The Staffin Crofters' Memorial Project is to be showcased at an Australian conference.

ATLAS Arts director, Emma Nicolson, is currently in Melbourne, at a mixed program of site visits, closed workshops, and exhibition and public conversations. Emma Nicolson who has been working with the Staffin Community Trust for four years on their plans for a contemporary memorial to the crofters' struggles on the Kilmuir Estate, has been sharing her expertise in and knowledge of memorials and memorial practices with other delegates.

The forum is an expansion of a project led by indigenous Australian artist, Brook Andrew - set up to consider how to best represent the Australian Frontier Wars in a national memorial that addresses the magnitude of Indigenous loss and survival. The five-day programme has been designed to seek new methods in art, architecture and design for addressing the histories, memories and legacies of frontier violence and Indigenous dispossession in Australia.

Based in Melbourne, the forum will connect local efforts to commemorate frontier massacres and repatriate human remains with major international projects that have memorialised genocide and other histories of loss. A key focus of the forum is developing protocols to guide new memorial projects.
Emma Nicolson, Director of ATLAS said: "It is an honour to be invited to share the work of ATLAS and the research and commissions we've led around the crofters' struggles on the Kilmuir Estate with the Staffin Community Trust. I look forward to sharing what I learn from others at the event on my return. Although the crofters' agitation on Skye happened over a 150 years ago, the legends of these fearless men and women continue to burn brightly in local memory and resonate with other communities across the world. Many islanders are direct descendants and I am proud to be able to celebrate my own great grandmother's role in the battle of the Braes."

Above: Trip to Germany visiting the memorial, Bruder Klaus Field Chapel, by Peter Zumthor with Angus Ross and Donald Macdonald of Staffin Community Trust.

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