Friday, January 17, 2020
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Bank of Scotland have given more information about the closure of the Broadford and Lochcarron branches which will take place in November.

They have confirmed that customers’ accounts for Broadford will be transferred to the Kyle branch, located 9 miles away, adding that there are five free ATMs within an 8 mile radius.

For the Lochcarron branch, customer accounts will also be transferred to the Kyle branch, located 22 miles away and while there are also free ATMs in the area the bank intend to provide a new mobile branch service in Lochcarron and continue to provide a mobile branch service in Broadford.

A spokesman said: "Once routes and timetables have been finalised, we will update customers and colleagues. We are also working with the Post Office to increase the services that Bank of Scotland customers can access through its network. There is a Post Office in both Broadford and Lochcarron.

Commenting on the decision, Ian Blackford MP for Ross, Skye and Lochaber, said: "Banks play an important role in many small communities for both local people who may not have the luxury of broadband for internet banking, or indeed the desire to use it and for local businesses who make transactions in cash and need somewhere secure to deposit it.

"This is very sad news and I will find out and report if these decisions are irreversible and what alternatives are planned for our communities.

Meanwhile the Bank of Scotland added: "The decision to close a branch is never an easy one and always follows a detailed review, taking into account various factors including customer usage, location, access to our mobile branches, proximity to other Bank of Scotland branches and the availability of other banking facilities.

"Despite the closures announced we expect to continue to have the biggest branch network in Scotland; at the same time we are investing heavily in digital and mobile to give our customers choice but there are also many other ways for customers to do their banking and we are working with the Post Office to increase the services that Bank of Scotland customers can access through its network.

"The closures announced reflect the continued changes in how our customers are choosing to bank with us, with fewer people using our branches as frequently. This change in customer demand combined with the need to manage our costs means we have to make these difficult decisions to ensure we maintain a healthy, thriving and sustainable Bank of Scotland for the future.

"We have informed colleagues of the change and posters will be displayed in the closing branches. We will be writing to customers over the next few days to explain when the branch will close and will include the address details and opening hours of other branches nearby. Customers’ account numbers and sort codes will stay the same and any standing orders, direct debits, cards and PINs will all carry on as before."

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