Tuesday, January 21, 2020
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Skye residents and visitors brought out their raincoats and umbrellas at the Highland Games.  Despite the wet weather, the crowd of around 2,000 spectators were treated to a celebration of sport, a piping display... and a visit from a celebrity!

Present at the 2016 Skye Highland Games was a celebrity who nearly went unnoticed!

When Ian Cumming, signed up for the Hill Race at the Highland Games, he was asked if he was local and told his face was very familiar.  Indeed, Ian had a familiar face as he was a finalist on the Great British Bake-Off!  The Hill Race was ultimately won by Noah Hurton.

Noah Hurton (pictured below at the left with his fellow-racers) sped to victory with an excellent time of 19 minutes and 50 seconds.  

The Skye Highland Games have taken place annually since 1877 at the Lump in Portree - with the only exception being during the World Wars.  The Games consisted of Heavy Field Events, Piping, Highland Dancing and Athletics.  Many of the events were open to competitors from anywhere in the world, with visitors and entrants hailing from various countries including Canada, Sweden, Poland, Austria and Australia.

The trophies waited to be won by competitors in the many events.

The crowds enjoyed the displays from the Pipe Band, which marched around the arena playing traditional songs.  


The high jump saw a number of talented entrants - thoroughly pleasing the crowd.  

An eagerly-awaited event was the tossing of the caber.  This proved especially difficult in today's conditions with the rain soaking the caber, but the entrants proved they were up to the challenge!  

Competitors in the "Throwing 56lb weight over the bar" performed extremely well, clearing the bar of around 14 feet high.  

Younger visitors also had their chance to shine.  

The Highland Dancers delighted the audience.  Dressed beautifully, they performed some spectacular routines.

The weather was unable to dampen the spirits of a lively and enthusiastic crowd or deter any of those involved in a spectacular day - a celebration of all things Highland.   

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