Wednesday, December 11, 2019
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Over a tenth (14%) of people from Scotland plan to visit The Isle of Skye this year, as revealed in a survey about Britons' holiday plans by insurer NFU Mutual.*

The Isle of Skye can expect the most visitors to be coming from around the Edinburgh and Glasgow, as well as the Leeds region, for reasons including viewing the beautiful wild landscapes, ancient monuments, castles and Dinosaur footprints, for hillwalking and to visit friends and family.

People from Scotland said that they are especially likely to choose a UK holiday due to the ease of planning at short notice (47%), followed by travel being less hassle (39%), and simply loving what the UK has to offer (including countryside, towns, beaches and history), 34%.

Just under a quarter of people from Scotland are likely to choose a UK staycation because of feeling safer here, slightly higher than the UK average (23% vs. 21%).

The top reasons people feel less safe abroad include the threat of terrorism (64%) and being an easy target to thieves (45%), followed by civil unrest, poorer healthcare, the inability to understand or communicate in a different language (all 37%) and unfamiliarity in different road layouts or being unable to detect bad neighbourhoods (35%).

Darren Seward, hospitality expert at NFU Mutual, said: “It’s brilliant to see that so many Scots are planning to explore all that The Isle of Skye has to offer this year.

“The allure of a spontaneous, hassle-free getaway to a familiar and much-loved place without discomfort or delays is particularly appealing.

"The weak £ should make the UK a more attractive holiday option and deliver a boost for Scotland’s leisure industry after the late arrival of Spring.”

The Scottish capital, Edinburgh, also made it into third place in popularity for visits by UK-wide tourists, surpassed in popularity only by London and the Lake District and tying with Cornwall.

More than three-quarters (79%) of Scottish people plan to visit a UK destination this year.

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