Saturday, January 25, 2020
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Anyone who has used a cash machine in Mallaig in the last 48 hours is urged to check their bank accounts for unexpected cash withdrawals.

Police Scotland is urging the public to be vigilant after skimming devices were found on cash machines in Mallaig.

During this morning (Saturday 30 July) a member of the public discovered a skimming device on an ATM at the Royal Bank of Scotland branch in the busy ferry port, and further enquiries also discovered that an ATM at the local Bank of Scotland had been tampered with.

Skimming devices are designed to read card details without the knowledge of the cardholder.

Police Scotland said: "We are asking members of the public pay close attention to see if there is anything unusual or suspicious about cash machines. 

To avoid being a victim there are several simple precautions to follow including checking the card reader and the front fascia for anything that appears to be out of the ordinary before inserting your card, and checking for any unusual attachments to the ATM, such as a leaflet holder.

"You should also cover the PIN key pad as you enter your number by obscuring it with your free hand.
"If you insert your card, and it appears to be retained or jammed, check the fascia and notify the bank or service provider immediately.

"Check your account balance regularly and inform your bank immediately if your account shows any unusual transactions you did not make.

"Anyone who used the ATM's since 8am on Friday 29 July is advised to check their bank accounts and report any unauthorised activity.

"Anyone who finds any suspicious device or has any information regarding suspicious activity around cash machines is urged to contact Police Scotland on 101, or speak to any officer."

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