Monday, December 16, 2019
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SOS NHS Skye is set to meet with Sir Lewis Ritchie on Tuesday 8 May.

Previously, members of SOS NHS attended meetings with Sir Lewis Ritchie and Fergus Millan, adding evidence to Sir Lewis' independent view of urgent out-of-hours care in Skye, Lochalsh and South West Ross.

SOS NHS Skye stated: "We provided him with supporting evidence we have gathered over the years, real life stories, statistics, information on our meetings with NHSH and the lack of follow up, the total lack of confidence the people of North Skye have in NHSH, the problems with ambulances, transport, weather conditions etc. He asked questions and we asked questions.

"Our last meeting was with Sir Lewis Ritchie and Fergus Milllan as well as a Panel of Senior Clinicians from outside Highland including SAS(ambulance service) and NHS24. The format of the meeting was as the previous meetings where we all voiced our concerns, provided evidence, told the real life stories, statistics, etc. and the Panel got their chance to ask questions. It was very informal and we felt we got our message across and that the Panel were listening.

"Although we felt the meetings went well that is not to say we are confident that anything will change after Sir Lewis's Independent View report is passed to NHSH. Our next meeting with Sir Lewis Ritchie is on the 8th of May at 10.30am, the same day that the initial report on the Independent View will be published. So that will be an interesting day!

"We have no idea what we will hear at this meeting or what the Report will say but we want to stress that if we do not get a satisfactory outcome from NHSH after this Independent View we are NOT giving up, this initial report after all is about the Out of Hours Service so our fight will continue until we get the essential & safe Healthcare Services we need and deserve for everyone in our Communities.

"Please keep sending in your stories and concerns, contact us as before through our Facebook page, phone, or speak to a member of SOS NHS.

"Please share this post on Facebook and by e-mail and continue to talk to people who do not use Facebook.

"There will be a further update after our meeting with Sir Lewis Ritchie on the 8th of May."

Anyone with information should call Mairi MacDonald on 01470562718.

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