Monday, December 09, 2019
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MSPs in the Scottish Parliament will today (Tuesday 24 April) hear that the Gaelic language "is not the preserve of any single party or ideology."
Making her second chamber speech in Gaelic in the last month, Kate Forbes MSP will welcome the vast increase in students going through Gaelic-Medium Education as well as BBC Alba's programming.
The MSP is also expected to hit back at claims that a new Gaelic school in Portree is "divisive."
The constituency MSP will take a different tact from Skye councillor, John Finlayson, who wrote that the opening of the new £10m Portree Gaelic School is "a disaster for community relations."
Kate Forbes MSP is expected to say: "Last week, I was delighted to welcome the latest Gaelic Medium Primary School – as an MSP for the area, it's always great to see a new school being built but it is doubly good that this will ensure a new generation of Gaelic speakers able to learn and play and work totally immersed in language.
"How anybody, least of all an elected member for the area, can find that difficult to welcome is beyond me.
"Skye is one of the Gaelic heartlands, where you can still hear locals conversing in the language in the shop or in the streets.
"They are not intentionally interfering with anybody else's life or choices, they are just using the language in which they want to converse or work.
"Thanks to the Gaelic Language Act of 2005 and National Gaelic Language Plans, there are a growing number of young people coming through Gaelic Medium Education who are frustrated by the misinformation and the accusations flung around about Gaelic.
"It might be a minority language, in that most Scottish residents can and do speak English, but it is the majority language of people who speak it, think in it and work in it as their mother tongue.
"Their rights, and taxes, are every bit as important as English speakers. Gaelic is not divisive.
"Most of the work to promote, develop and preserve Gaelic has been done on a shoe-string budget, powered by the drive and commitment of activists who won't stand by as the language of their upbringing is forgotten or actively stamped out."

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