Monday, December 09, 2019
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Police Scotland have revealed that 50 drivers have been charged with speeding offences near schools during a targeted operation either side of the Easter holidays.
Thirty individuals were issued with fixed penalty conditional offers - while a further 20 have been reported to the Procurator Fiscal.
A number of these vehicles were detected driving in excess of 40mph in areas with a limit of 20mph outside of schools
The operation ran between Monday, March 26 until Wednesday, March 28 - and then again between Monday April 16 and Friday April 20.

Road policing officers were deployed to schools across the Highlands during the operation with the aim of deterring speeding and taking enforcement action against any drivers breaking the limit.
Road Policing Sergeant Gregor Hay said: "It is extremely disappointing that a number of drivers still think they can get away with driving so irresponsibly near schools.
"A small but significant number of motorists were detected driving at more than twice the 20mph limit which is in place near schools.
"These limits are in place for a reason and exist to keep children and others attending schools safe. To ignore the limit to such an extent is obviously dangerous and shows no consideration for wider public around schools.
""Children going to and from school are not always highly visible so I am urging motorists to please take a little extra care.
Figures recently released by Police Scotland and the Scottish Government show that 96% of collisions involving pedestrians happen in built-up areas, with most casualties occurring between 4-6pm on weekdays.
Sergeant Hay added: "Our warning about speed doesn't just apply near schools, all pedestrians and cyclists are potentially vulnerable on the roads and we would urge that while in town, slow down.
"Speeding near schools is an issue which parents and communities regularly raise concerns about.
"We will continue to act on these concerns and take action against drivers who think it is acceptable to speed near schools.
"It is not acceptable and never will be."

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