Thursday, November 14, 2019
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Raasay’s Italian connection is continuing to play a significant part in the island’s planned new distillery.

For while work continues apace to build the new facility and convert the old Victorian era Borodale House, over 1,500 miles away in Tuscany the vital equipment needed for the whisky making process is also on-going.

For R&B Distillers who are behind the new distillery have, as well as sourcing their red wine finishing casks from Frilli in the Italian region, are also having their specialist stills and equipment made there. 

And in just a few months Raasay should see the arrival of two copper pott stills, a 5000 litre wash still, and a 3600 litre spirit still. The team at Frilli were specially chosen for the tasks as their experience in still making goes right back to 1912.

Earlier this year the company received planning permission for the project which will see the former hotel building on the island converted into a visitor centre for the Isle of Raasay Distillery. The site of the old extension to the hotel will be where the distillery will stand.

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