Wednesday, January 22, 2020
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Kay and Anne preparing to leave Skye

Today could end in tears for Skye adventure pair Anne MacAskill and Kay Simpson.

For having made it to the Iranian border in the 10,000 mile long Mongol Rally the duo have hit their first major obstacle –  they haven’t got the right documentation to legally enter the country.

Anne from Dunvegan said: “We may have hit a brick wall though to get into Iran tomorrow as we do not have a carnet de passage and a couple of men on motorbikes were going to get charged $2,000 to get through.

“We shall face up to that in the morning but in the meantime, I am getting my goon and scarf ready in the hope that we succeed.”

During their first week 67 years old Anne and Kay, aged 69 – the oldest competitors in the long distance event – made it all the way through to the border between Turkey and Iran without too much difficulty.

Anne added: “It's now Sunday and we have made good progress so far.

“We had a very easy entry into Turkey, perhaps because we went over from Bulgaria on a more minor road. Kay likes to drive first thing, which was a bonus for me, as she had to cope with rush-hour Istanbul traffic. The driving has greatly improved (I don't mean Kay's) since I was last there with her in 1968.

“It was fast weaving in and out, but nothing that made you have to jam on the brakes. Very impressed with the plants alongside the motorway. Turkey has impressed both of us.

“Because I missed a turn off, we ended up driving down round Ankara and the countryside between there and Dogubayatz is stunning. Lots of hills then very fertile ground and it was fascinating to see the acres of grain and combines working, then a pickle sheep or goats with a couple of boys herding them - a combination of modern and old.

A beautiful view of Mount Arafat with snow on the top - Kay intends climbing it some day, but not today as you need 3 days for the trip.”

Over the coming weeks Anne and  Kay will have the journey of a lifetime as they take a gruelling route in their 20 year old van across England, France, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and Russia.

During the course of the trip Anne is hoping to raise cash for Cancer Research Uk while Kay's cause is Animal Asia. If you want to support them or just find out how things are going then follow the link here

As for the event itself the main rule is that competitors have to finish by September 12, so there's still a long journey ahead for the pair.

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