Monday, January 20, 2020
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Relaxed by the roadside


Istanbul and still going strong. That's the latest report from Skye's long distance rallying pair, Anne MacAskill and Kay Simpson.

For during their first week taking part in the 10,000 mile Mongol Rally the pair, Anne, 67 and 69 years old Kay have managed to get to the Turkish city without any real problems.

Writing on social media, Anne, the mum of international recognised stunt cyclist, Dannym said: "It surpised us to only take an hour to get over the border. But before that we have had a lot of driving, driving, a bit of eating then sleeping.

"We spent Sunday night near Brussels then drove on Monday from there through Germany to Passau and into Austria. Lots of roadworks! Kay kept having to tell me we can't go a see friends here and there for coffee on the way!

"On Tuesday we went through Austria, then Hungary and over the border to near Timisiaro in Romania where I was very relieved to find that a lot of the motorways are still being built, so we drove on some beautiful, twisty, wooded roads through hills. We were both amazed at how some areas looked pretty much the same as they did when we were in Romania in 1968, although there are some fancy, gated houses in amongst others still looking pretty poor.

"Then Wednesday into Bulgaria where there were fewer good roads and lots of horses and carts amongst the fancy cars. We had our first rain since we left home but it is sunny and warm here in Turkey where we have, at long last, found a place where I can catch up.

Over the coming week Anne and  Kay will have the journey of a lifetime as they take a gruelling route in their 20 year old van across England, France, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and Russia.

During the course of the trip Anne is hoping to raise cash for Cancer Research Uk while Kay's cause is Animal Asia. If you want to support them or just find out how things are going then follow the link here

As for the event itself the main rule is that competitors have to finish by September 12, so there's still a long journey ahead for the pair.

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