Tuesday, August 20, 2019
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FilmG has announced the winners of this year's Gaelic short-film awards.
A glittering awards gala took place on Friday at Glasgow's Old Fruitmarket, with highlights of the event broadcast on BBC ALBA on Sunday as part of celebrations to mark ten years of FilmG.

Lana Pheutan from Skye, won two of the three awards for which she had been shortlisted, winning Best Performance and Best Student Film for her powerful film 'Coig Puing a' Trì' (Five Point Three) which tells the story of the challenges faced by transgender woman. Lana also won the People's Choice award, as voted by the public on the FilmG website.
North Skye residents Iain Wilson and Alasdair MacLeod amused and entertained judges with their comedy film, Ceum Dub, for which they won the award Best Mobile Short.
It was a star-studded night, with appearances from Greg McHugh, better known as Gary Tank Commander and River City actress and new face of Raven, Aisha Touissant.

Greg McHugh said: "What a fantastic night I've had at the FilmG awards, not only has it been a pleasure to watch some fantastic films, and some particularly funny ones in the youth category, but it's also been great to present the award with Gaelic icon Donnie Dotaman! I'd like to wish them all well, and encourage them to keep making films in Gaelic."
Iseabail Mactaggart, Director of Strategy and Partnerships at MG ALBA said: "It was a real pleasure, and hugely exciting, to celebrate the fantastic young talent we saw at this year's FilmG Awards. To see an independent filmmaker win Best Film in the youth category for the first time is testament to the growing confidence we are seeing in young Gaelic filmmakers. That, along with the exceptional standard we saw in both adult and youth categories, demonstrates the rich part FilmG is able to play in encouraging creativity within Gaelic media.
"This year marks ten years of incredible stories being told, and as we look forward to the future, we can be sure the Gaelic filmmaking industry has many reasons to be optimistic."
The FilmG Awards show is available to watch on iPlayer.
Best Comedy or Drama: Mar a Thachair do Dh'fhear a Sgur a Dhol Dhan Eaglais The Man Who Stopped Going to Church
Best Performance: Lana Pheutan in Còig Puing a Trì Five Point Three
Best Industry Director: John Murdo MacAulay with Mar a Thachair do Dh'fhear a Sgur a Dhol Dhan Eaglais The Man Who Stopped Going to Church
Best Script: Morag Ann MacNeil with Gabh do Leòr Dheth Fill Your Boots
HIE's Most Promising New Director: Danielle MacLeod with Bho Clach gu Clach From Stone to Stone
Best Heritage Film: Bho Clach gu Clach From Stone to Stone
Best Student Film: Còig Puing a Trì Five Point Three
Best Mobile Short: CeumDub DubStep
Best Film: Eòghan Beag: Latha Mòr Wee Ewan: A Big Day
Best Performance: Sheena MacGregor in Peigi an Eagle Peigi the Eagle
FilmG Gaelic Award for Learners: A' Bhean Eudach The Jealous Wife
FilmG Gaelic Award for Fluent Speakers: Mèirleach nam Mehs The Sheep Rustlers
Best Youth Group Film: Tàlant an Taobh Siar The West Side's Got Talent
Best Script: Fuaim a' Bhlàir Battle Sound
Most Creative Production: Mairead
Best Mobile Short by a Young Filmmaker: Sgaradh Tuinn nan Linntean Through the Waves of Time
Best Sports Commentary: Anndra Cumming

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