Sunday, August 18, 2019
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An army veteran is aiming to walk the entire coastline of Britain.

Sam Doyle is raising awareness for veterans suffering with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD.)  His walk took him to the Isle of Skye in early January.

Sam told The Skye Times: "Skye was probably the highlight of my walk.  It's a very beautiful part of the countryside."

Since starting his walk on May 29 2017, Sam has raised £6,000 - enough to pay for therapy for 12 veterans.

Sam's trip to Skye met with dangers, as the pouring rain and lack of shelter made his trip difficult.  He said: "I'm a survival instructor, but Skye chewed me up and spat me back out in terms of trying to survive!  I was wet through for two days solid."

It proved too dangerous to continue the walk, so Sam will be returning to Skye in the summer.  He stated: "That'll be the full circuit in Scotland completed.  Then, hopefully, England and Wales and finish back in Blackpool, where I started."

Along the way, Sam has picked up a sidekick - his dog, Jess.  He remarked: "I picked Jess up four months ago and she really helps me.  She knows when I'm struggling.  If I have night terrors, she will comfort me.  She gives me another focus as I have someone else to look after and it's massively beneficial."

The charity Sam is walking for, PTSD Resolution, has a firm place in his heart.  He told The Skye Times: "I served in the British Army and I was in Afghanistan in 2008.  When I left, I had PTSD.

"I eventually lost my jobs as I wasn't mentally capable."

Sam soon became homeless, but was determined to make something positive happen from his experiences.   He continued: "I decided to try and create awareness and get more done for our veterans.  There isn't much support for them at all."

If all goes to plan, Sam should complete his trek in approximately two and a half years.  He said: "I'm not working to a time scale - just as long as I get round in one piece!"

To keep up with Sam's progress, visit his Facebook page here.

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