Tuesday, August 20, 2019
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Anyone with Scottish paper £5 and £10 notes has less than four weeks before they are withdrawn from circulation. 

The Committee of Scottish Bankers is encouraging the public to spend or exchange these notes before 1 March.

Issuing banks will still accept all Scottish money from customers after the deadline and paper notes may be replaced with plastic ones.

This deadline coincides with the withdrawal date for The Bank of England's paper £10 note.

A spokesperson for the Committee of Scottish Bankers said: "Thanks to the work that the issuing banks have already undertaken to swap the older paper notes with the more secure, environmentally friendly polymer notes, the majority of £5 and £10 notes have already been replaced with polymer. 

"We have set a deadline for using paper £5 and £10 notes as 1st March. The Scottish note issuing banks will continue to accept old paper based notes and there are currently no plans to change this."

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