Monday, September 16, 2019
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Holyrood has become the first parliament building in the UK to ban plastic straws.

In response to a letter from Kate Forbes MSP, who has been spearheading the Final Straw campaign, the Scottish Parliament’s Corporate Body (SPCB) confirmed that it has eliminated all plastic straws at its restaurants and bars, and will now only hand out paper ones on request. 

It is understood that Holyrood’s catering outlets were using around 4,000 plastic drinking straws a year.

Kate Forbes MSP said: “Whilst I’m campaigning for public bodies and businesses to ditch plastic straws, its important I start close to home and so I’m delighted that the Scottish Parliament has stopped stocking plastic straws and will only give out a biodegradable alternative when requested.

“The Scottish Parliament has long lead the way on environmental initiatives, and this is obviously another way in which it is striving to improve what it does.

“If the Scottish Parliament can do this, then I hope it encourages more councils and other public bodies to follow suit.

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