Saturday, January 25, 2020
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A dossier containing a list of 124 companies has been referred to Advertising Standards Authority as part of a campaign against unfair delivery charges.

The dossier, which has also been submitted to Trading Standards Scotland and Citizens Advice Scotland, was compiled after over two thousand complaints were submitted.  

124 firms have been named where there is enough relevant information to be investigated further.

Many firms who advertise ‘free UK delivery’ or ‘free mainland delivery’ then charge consumers living in rural Scotland.

In some cases, consumers have had an order cancelled by the company after learning the address, been told that their mainland Scotland address counted as ‘offshore’ or been contacted after purchase with additional delivery charges.

The campaign is led by SNP MSP Richard Lochhead, who stated: "It is ridiculous and completely unfair that consumers in large parts of Scotland face higher delivery fees – sometimes even having their order refused or told that their mainland address is offshore.

“In some cases these delivery fees can be eye-watering and really hit rural families in the pocket.

“What really angers consumers is when companies advertise free delivery across the whole UK, but then say this doesn’t apply if you live in the Highlands.

“That would appear to be a clear case of false advertising and I hope that the Advertising Standards Authority take action.

“I welcome the support given by the Scottish and UK governments, but we need more than just warm words – the public expect the UK government, who have the power to regulate, to take concrete action."


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