Sunday, January 19, 2020
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Year of Highland Council inaction has led to the "despicable state" of the Broadford Primary School building on the Isle of Skye, according to the constituency MSP.

Kate Forbes MSP spoke out after children at the school wrote to the council representatives and Cabinet Secretary for Education John Swinney about the desperate condition of their school building.

There is apparently no safe drinking water supply so pupils cannot brush their teeth at school, there is very limited access for wheelchair users because of the number of steps, pest control could not stop slugs reappearing in the classrooms, and even the external doors do not lock.

Some local children have asthma, and believe the damp is making their condition worse. There is also no gym hall.

Last year Highland Council leader Margaret Davidson visited the school, but thus far the local authority has not committed to any significant upgrades on the ailing premises.

Kate Forbes MSP said: "Broadford Primary School building is in a despicable state, and has been for many years.

"I visited the school just before Christmas and spoke to members of the parent council.

"Only by visiting do you truly appreciate the damp, rot and mould in the building and the obvious impact this must be having on children's learning and health.

"Last week, the children, the parents and I wrote three letters to be delivered to Highland Council and to the Cabinet Secretary for Education.

"The thing is that this school has been disintegrating for many years so Highland Council has no excuse for not investing in the school.

"There are three independent councillors on Skye, all of whom are part of the administration, and so I sincerely hope they will be fighting side-by-side with me, the Parent Council and Broadford Community Council for Broadford Primary.

"I hear Highland Councillors arguing that funding constraints are the reason why Broadford hasn't been given the attention it deserves, but that does not wash when you consider how long Broadford has required investment – through years of plenty and years of less.

"Ultimately, school infrastructure is a matter for Highland Council and excuses are wearing thin."

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