Monday, January 20, 2020
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An application to the Climate Challenge Fund could develop Raasay Walled Garden even further, if the grant is awarded.

Raasay Roots Shoots & Fruits project began in April 2017, after a grant was given from the CCF.  The grant will end in March 2018.  Since the project began, over 200kg of produce has been supplied to the local shop and businesses on the islands.  

Raasay Walled Garden Facebook page stated: "As you'll have seen if you've been able to attend our community events & consultations in 2017, we’ve got great plans for the garden in 2018 and the years ahead, but we do need to secure further funding to be able to develop and improve on what we have already achieved.

"We will hear whether our application to the CCF for a further two years funding has been successful by March but in the meantime we are continuing to explore other opportunities as well as getting on with the day to day work!"



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