Saturday, January 25, 2020
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Classical music and crofting come together for a special performance on Skye.

Scottish Ensemble, the UK’s leading string orchestra, will perform a concert at Portree’s Aros Centre tomorrow night – the first time in five years - and tickets are still available.

Local residents are more likely to associate Inkster’s name with his law firm, Inksters, after he became one of the most prominent consultants and commentators on crofting law – one of the firm’s niche areas of expertise – during the recent events concerning common grazings committees being evicted from office in Lewis by the Crofting Commission.

But Inksters, the Scotland-wide solicitors firm which has offices in Glasgow, Forfar, Inverness, Wick, Lerwick and Portree, is also increasingly becoming known amongst Scotland’s artistic community for its philanthropy, supporting a diverse range of cultural and charitable organisations through funding and sponsorship.

Thanks to a partnership starting in 2013, Inksters sponsorship allowed Scottish Ensemble to present a range of concerts, community events and education opportunities on Shetland, and both organisations were delighted when the partnership won a prestigious Arts & Business Scotland award in 2014 in the category of Placemaking – a particularly significant recognition given the meaningful new relationships which were forged on the result of the group’s time on the island.

Brian Inkster, founder of Inksters Solicitors, said: “After the success of the series of concerts in Shetland over the past three years I am now delighted to bring Scottish Ensemble to another island community that Inksters has an office in.”

Performing across Scotland, as well as honouring a growing number of prestigious UK-wide and international dates each season, the group are particularly committed to bringing music to places with less provision, and this concert on Skye represents another opportunity for them to share their sound even further across the Highlands and Islands.

Jonathan Morton, Artistic Director of Scottish Ensemble, said: “Playing standing up, and offering creative programmes which place unexpected pieces and styles next to each other, Scottish Ensemble is known for its dynamic and energetic style. We can’t wait to bring this back to Skye, thanks to our happy partnership with Inksters Solicitors – and the continuing generosity of Brian Inkster.”

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