Saturday, January 18, 2020
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A stretch of road on the Isle of Skye has been described as a "white knuckle drive."

Photographs of the Crossal road have sparked anger on the Skye to Inverness Roadwatch Facebook group.  

Comments on the state of the A863 road were prompted by the images of local photographer, Alexander Macaskill.  

Several Facebook users remarked that the "No Road Markings" sign should simply read "No Road!"

Mr Macaskill took the photographs on Friday 5 January and uploaded them to Facebook.  He stated: "I'd avoid Crossal if at all possible...  If you don't wreck an alloy, you'll end up with a smashed windscreen or stone chips all over your car."

Dozens of comments ensued, complaining about the state of the roads, the effect on cars and the potential dangers.  

"How on earth can you avoid them?" asked one user, while another described the road as the worst they had ever driven on.

To share your concerns with the Highland Council, click here.  

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