Sunday, December 16, 2018
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CalMac have adopted a new strategy to better educate passengers on emergency procedures.

The ferry operator have premiered a new on-board safety video.

The film lasts for three minutes and features local residents from Arran.  Combining humour with potentially lifesaving information, it is hoped the film will relay CalMac's safety message effectively.

The current safety announcement is a pre-recorded audio message, played after the captain has welcomed the passengers on board.

The video and audio messages have been recorded in English and Gaelic with the video also having subtitles. The new video and audio announcements will be rolled out across the fleet during 2018.

CalMac's director of Health, Safety, Quality and Environment, Louis de Wolff, says: "The message behind our safety announcement is a serious one, it is about giving passengers the information they need in the unlikely event of an emergency.

"However, our research was telling us that passengers weren't listening to the information being given to them over the tannoy, so we thought we needed other, more engaging ways of getting our safety message across.

"A safety announcement that meets the legal requirements is not fit for purpose unless people absorb and remember the information we want them to.

"By knowing clearly what to do in an emergency, there is a better chance of a successful outcome and a reduced chance of further accidents or injuries.

"Although the tone is fun and engaging, the message is of critical importance. By keeping passengers entertained we are keeping them engaged and therefore more likely to take on-board what we are telling them."

The film can be viewed here.


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