Saturday, October 19, 2019
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Planning permission is being sought for two fish farms off Staffin's coast.

The proposed fish farms would be located at Culnacnoc and Invertote.

Permission is sought by Organic Sea Harvest (OSH) from Highland Council and Marine Scotland.

Staffin Community Trust (SCT) have stated that fourteen full time jobs would be created through both sites.  The Trust also state that the aqua developments would "be a considerable boost to Staffin in terms of creating all-year round permanent employment."  

OSH intends to produce organically reared salmon from these new farms, process and package the stock in Staffin and then sell it to major retailers as organic Skye salmon.   OSH has agreed to make annual payments to the SCT, of 5 pence on each fish landed at the Staffin Slipway, which would see an average of £140,000 being made available to this community annually.

SCT state that they would like to utilise this pledge to try and secure long-awaited improvement to the Slipway for local users, private businesses and visitors.

The key differences between organic and conventional fish farm production are set out in the company’s Environmental Statement. OSH has highlighted the lower stocking densities of fish, its intention not to use anti-foulant chemicals on nets or cages and extended fallow periods when the cages are kept deliberately empty. OSH will also use wrasse and lumpfish (types of fish) within the cages to control sea lice.

The company has provided a folder containing all of its pre-planning documents, including a Non-Technical Summary, at the Staffin Post Office and the SCT office. Anybody wishing to read these documents can do so.

The directors of OSH have also said they are more than happy to travel to Staffin and meet with any local people who have any questions or are seeking additional information.


Image from Staffin Community Trust

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