Wednesday, November 20, 2019
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Road policing officers in the Highland and Islands are reminding road users in the area of the dangers and consequences of festive drink and drug driving.

Local officers are supporting a national campaign, with high visibility patrols on Scotland's roads to prevent and tackle drink driving.

This campaign will run throughout the festive period and aims to reduce the number of people committing such offences and detecting those who do - all in order to reduce the number of casualties on the roads.

Seven people have been charged with alleged drink driving offences in the last week across the Highlands and Islands.

Divisional Road Policing Inspector Gus Stewart said: "During this period I would urge people to plan their travel ahead of their festivities beginning so that the need or temptation to drive whilst under the influence is removed.

"As part of that they should consider any journeys they plan to make the following day, taking into consideration the period of time alcohol remains in a person’s body the morning after.

"We have a zero tolerance approach to drink driving and if you are caught over the limit you will be arrested and risk losing your driving licence and having your vehicle seized.

"We have been carrying out static checks throughout the Highlands and Islands as well as high profile mobile patrols and this will continue throughout the duration of the campaign. A lot of information is provided by the public which assists in deciding where we carry out such checks and I would encourage anyone who has such information to report it.

"Please enjoy yourself during the festive period, and if you are going to drive my advice is do not drink any alcohol. Don’t let alcohol or drugs ruin your own or anybody else’s festive season.

Anyone with concerns about a suspected drink or drug driver is urged to contact 101 or 999 if it is an emergency to play their part in helping road policing officers keep people safe.

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