Sunday, January 19, 2020
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Police were called to a spate of accidents which occurred along or just off the A87 on Skye yesterday.

During the first incident, around lunchtime, an Austrian motorcyclist was taken to Broadford Hospital with minor injuries after he slid off his machine in front of another vehicle close to the Sligachan Hotel.

Then at around 4.05, emergency responders were called to the Broadford – Elgol road following an incident involving a French registered small Mercedes lorry which had been converted into a camper.  For several hours the road was blocked and as a precaution ambulance service staff attended although they were not needed.

Finally at 4.15pm close to Broadford a minibus collided with a car. Again fortunately there were no serious injuries.

Today police on Skye tweeted: “Can we please have a better day on the roads today with everyone going to/from/within safely!”

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