Saturday, November 17, 2018
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Kate Forbes MSP will today (Wednesday 6 December) urge her constituents to name and shame delivery firms who add on astronomical costs for sending parcels and packages to the Highlands.

In a speech in the Scottish Parliament chamber, the MSP for Skye, Lochaber and Badenoch will tell her parliamentary colleagues that safeguards should be introduced to stop Highlands and Islands consumers being ripped off by delivery firms.

The debate is being led by Richard Lochhead MSP, who is heading up the campaign for fairer delivery charges across remote and rural parts of Scotland.

In tomorrow's debate Kate Forbes MSP is expected to say: "Some online retailers charge more or refuse delivery because they classify the Highlands and Islands as 'overseas'.

"I go home to Dingwall from Edinburgh every week and I've never needed a passport. I've never needed a boat either.

"In fact, I double checked Google Maps to see if the fault-line running through the Great Glen had widened, casting us adrift in the North Sea.

"Nothing quite that exciting has happened and we're still firmly, unalterably, irrefutably part of the British mainland.

"Despite that, Christmas shoppers living north of the Highland boundary line, running from Helensburgh to Stonehaven and those in the islands will almost undoubtedly face extra delivery charges over this festive period or will be flatly refused delivery completely."

The MSP for Skye, Lochaber and Badenoch will continue: "And it's time that we named and shamed them.

"This is a reserved issue and Westminster has singularly failed to introduce safeguards for Highlands and Islands consumers.

"They have turned a blind eye to people in rural areas who depend more on postal services, who have less access to High Street alternatives and who are regularly ripped off by online retailers who have the brazen cheek to charge them more.

"Too many businesses are penalised by outrageous charges, too many consumers are held to ransom if they desperately need an online product.

"So, enough is enough and we are going to take the fight to them."

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