Tuesday, January 21, 2020
The skye times mobile

A new app is being developed, with the aim of making it easier to learn Gaelic.

The app aims to help people build confidence in using and pronouncing Gaelic by listening to a phrase on your device and then repeating.

Using automatic speech recognition, a technology that is widely used by Apple, Google and Amazon, the application provides feedback on your pronunciation. Users can work through a number of challenges and only pass to the next level once they have successfully completed each step.

The app is being developed by Braw Media, an Edinburgh based digital development company and development led by Magnus Orr. He said: "Many people are simply put-off learning a new language, for fear of getting it wrong. We want to help remove that fear, by developing a new app that can provide feedback on your pronunciation. So that step by step you can improve fluency."

"When it comes to learning tools and digital innovation, minority languages often miss out – further increasing the gap between minority and mainstream languages. Our goal is to help address this issue."

"Working with universities, our aim is to develop exciting new language technologies to help people learn Gaelic, Welsh and Irish. Automated speech recognition has made excellent progress – we would like to see how it can help people learn new languages."

Braw Media also invited people to help map Gaelic interest around the World. So far 770 markers have been added from 54 countries.

Braw Media are seeking funding for this project on Kickstarter, the popular crowd-sourcing platform, where if people like an idea they can make a small donation, if the project reaches its target the project will receive funding and happen.

More information can be found here.  

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