Wednesday, November 20, 2019
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They've only just begun their 10,000 mile road trip but already Skye's Anne MacAskill and Kay Simpson have set themselves apart.

For the pair, taking part in the Mongol Rally as The Gallivanting Quines, found themselves picked on Day 1 of the event ...for being the oldest participants!

Over the coming months Anne, 67 and 69 years old Kay will have the journey of a lifetime as they take a gruelling route in their 20 year old van across England, France, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and Russia.

Speaking on social media after the start at Goodwood - the spiritual home of British motorsports - Anne, the mum of stunt cyclist Danny, said:  "It was great to see some friends and family today to see us off - before the big send off though, several awards were handed out, including to ourselves when we received one for being the oldest particpants!!

" Kay managed to get on to the stage very elegantly whilst I had a terrible job sprauchling up! We were given a great reception which was rather pleasing because last night at the party, people were asking if our families were participating, never thinking that we might be."

During the course of the trip Anne is hoping to raise cash for Cancer Research Uk while Kay's cause is Animal Asia. If you want to support them or just find out how things are going then follow the link here

As for the event itself the main rule is that competitors have to finish by September 12, so there's still a long journey ahead for the pair.






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