Saturday, January 18, 2020
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A female with a spinal injury was rescued from Knoydart and transferred to Mallaig on Wednesday 8 November.

Mallaig Coastguard and RNLI Lifeboat, along with ambulance personnnel, assisted in the rescue.

The lack of road access results in the coastguard often transferring casualties.  

In urgent cases, the routine is normally that paramedics will be taken over on RNLI lifeboat.  Casualties are then prepared by Ambulance Service and loaded on to Lifeboat for transfer back to Mallaig, where the Coastguard Rescue Team assists in safe transfer from pier to road ambulance then on to hospital, usually Fort William.

If medical decision is so urgent that air evacuation is better, then helicopter will be tasked to transfer direct and only Coastguard Rescue Service involvement would be provision of helicopter landing site safety. Air asset choice is handled by the Aeronautical Rescue Co-Ordination Centre based in HM Coastguard National Maritime Ops Centre in Fareham – may be a Coastguard Helicopter or Helimed in that case. 

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