Monday, November 18, 2019
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Funding is being sought for a new post in the Broadford Youth Club.

The position of Youth Worker would be dedicated to running sessions for girls.

Broadford Youth Club has identified a need for expansion to what it currently offers for females in the south of Skye.  

The Club stated: "We hope to receive funding for a part-time (five hours) Youth Worker post so the Club can create a Girls Group project - Arts & Crafts, textile workshops and small leadership awards."

The Club revealed that the aim of the Girls Group is to increase their skills, their ability to work as a team and to enable them to receive the same opportunities as the Boys Session.

They have said: "In order to achieve this we will recruit a new youth worker with specific experience in running activities for teenage girls.

"Funding would enable a single-sexed programme for girls to be increased, which would in-turn attract more girls to the club."

To vote for the Broadford Youth Club Girls Project in the Aviva Community Fund Competition, visit the website here.

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