Wednesday, November 13, 2019
The skye times mobile

A Skye marketing website has recently added a feature to enable visitors to search for accommodation.

This feature aims to make it easier for visitors to quickly find places to stay using one website. is now working in partnership with FreetoBook to bring visitors the option for a single search.  

Dave Liley told The Skye Times: "Most people will be aware websites such as and AirBnB also offer this feature. But at a significate cost to the business owner with costs ranging between 6-15% per booking, it can add up into thousands of pounds over a summer season. does charge a fixed fee, but only a tiny fraction compared to these other identified accommodation websites.

" launched this new feature on Saturday the 21 of October with 80 businesses (around 20% of the members currently listed on  Within 4 days of it being live it had already secured over £10k worth of bookings for the
listed businesses, breaking all records for the ‘FreetoBook’ system. An impressive feat during one of the quieter times of the year!"

By the start of 2018 they hope to have increased usage of the system to 150 businesses.

To find out more, visit their website here.  

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