Sunday, January 19, 2020
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The newly created montage


A new artistic endeavour has found a safe berth in Sleat.

For CalMac employees Sam Graham and Graeme Mackenzie have teamed up to provide a novel view of nautical goings-on in the area.

And now visitors and customers at CalMac's Armadale ferry terminal can see an interest packed photo montage in the ticket office which tells the story of vessels associatied with port.

Sam has put together 42 photographs overlaid on an aerial view of Armadaale harbour in the 1990’s. which depict the historic comings and goings.

And, to tie in with the montage, local artist and musician Graeme, has used his talents to encircle it with seven paintings of CalMac vessels done on wood.

So if you are passing by or using the ferry why not call in and have a look?

More of Graeme's work can be seen at the 'Made in Sleat' arts and crafts exhibition which is being held at Duisdale Hall from July 23-30.

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