Friday, November 15, 2019
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The Cabinet Secretary for Tourism is set to visit the Isle of Skye next month, after accepting an invitation to visit the island by the constituency MSP Kate Forbes.

On Friday 3 November Fiona Hyslop will be the keynote speaker at the second of a series of meetings organised by Ms Forbes as part of an ongoing process to identify and find solutions to the pressures on Skye caused by increased tourism.

It is understood that the Cabinet Secretary will also take questions from the floor, giving Skye residents and businesses the opportunity to raise concerns directly.

Kate Forbes MSP said: “I am delighted to welcome the Cabinet Secretary for Tourism to Skye.

“I believe that the tourism industry has even greater potential for the Skye economy, so long as the benefits are distributed fairly and widely.

“To do that, there is a clear requirement for investment in basic infrastructure but I think we also need to support entrepreneurs and communities to turn the growing demand into an economic benefit for Skye.

“We need to support entrepreneurs to meet the growing demand for hospitality, food and drink and experiences or activities.

“Tourists’ agendas are increasingly determined by TripAdvisor so we know where the pinch points are and this is affecting communities.

“However, it also opens up new economic opportunities like never before for rural communities in Skye.”

The Skye MSP continued: “I have invited Fiona Hyslop to address an audience and take questions on a whole host of different subject matters.

“Clearly, there was some unfortunate coverage of the pressures of tourism on the island, but I think it is quite right that people identify some of the unacceptable littering or toileting.”

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