Wednesday, November 13, 2019
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An incurable tree disease has once again been found on the Isle of Raasay.

The Forestry Commission has confirmed that the die back disease of Larch has reappeared on the island.  

Phytopthera Ramorum is an incurable disease that can infect a number of different species of tree.  It was first identified on Raasay in 2015.  This resulted in a statutory plant health notice being served on the Forestry Commission.  A period of six months was given for an attempt to eliminate the disease by felling all the infected trees and susceptible species within a 250 meter zone.

The return of the disease means the same action will be taken.

A statement from the Forestry Commission says: "Only one tree is infected but it means we’ll have to fell all Larch within a 250m buffer...  We will endeavor to minimize the impact and extent of felling."

The above map shows the location of the infection and the area that will have to be cleared of trees at risk.  These will mostly be larch, which form the band of lighter green trees north of the Avenue.

Raasay Development Trust (RDT) and Raasay Community Council (RCC) will be meeting with the Forestry Commission to initially find out more information and the potential impacts for the island, consider possible options and try to agree a plan that’s best for the island.

It is hoped to have a full public meeting to update everyone later in October.

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