Saturday, December 14, 2019
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Emergency planning drills will be tested on the Armadale - Mallaig crossing tomorrow (Wednesday 20 September.)

The drill will involve close collaboration with the emergency services and the public will notice increased activity from the police, coastguard, ambulance and fire services.

The exercise will focus on an incident on the MV Loch Fyne which, has been deployed specifically for the drill and will not be carrying passengers during the exercise. There will be no disruption to the normal timetabled service.

CalMac's Director of of Safety, Environment and Security, Louis de Wolff said: "As a transport operator health and safety is our number one concern. This exercise will give us the opportunity to put into practice our emergency planning drills in real time.

"By carrying out as realistic an exercise as possible we will be able to tweak our procedures to make a safe service even safer."

Publicity regarding the exercise is being posted on vessels and in both ports to keep passengers informed of what is happening.

For more information on the exercise please contact the Port Office in either Armadale or Mallaig or visit the CalMac website.

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