Saturday, December 14, 2019
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A Skye businessman will be cycling from Broadford to Aberdeen in aid of a charity that is close to his heart.

Mark Carter, of Carter's Cabin Takeaway in Broadford Marketplace, will be riding to raise money for Lupus UK.

Mark told The Skye Times: "My daughter, Amy Sarah Carter, was diagnosed with LUPUS SLE when she was 14.  Amy is now 21.

"The doctors thought it was originally growing pains, and she had mouth ulcers also.  This was then diagnosed as LUPUS.  

"This is an auto immune disease, which, in essence, means that her body is attacking itself constantly, which leaves her in great pain on a daily basis.  

"This past Christmas she suffered kidney failure, and scarily for us, we lost Amy to life support machine for 3 days.  Amy’s kidneys are now on the long road to recovery and now at 45%.  On top on her LUPUS, she has Raynauds, Epilepsy, & Sjögren's syndrome, which affects the part of the body that produces tears. 

"Although Amy is in severe pain, every day, she fights on, and always says that there is someone worse off than herself."

Mark will be undertaking the 262 mile long ride from Broadford to Aberdeen in May next year and estimates that the journey will take him just under a week to complete.  He said: "I am not a regular cyclist, but did some a few years ago and with the help of Steve at Island Cycles, I have now selected the correct bike for the job."

As well as raising awareness, Mark hopes to raise at least £1000 for the charity.  Donations can be left at Carter's Cabin Takeaway or made at Mark's Just Giving page here.  Anyone is welcome to call in with sponsorship for cycling gear - or simply to wish Mark the best as he undertakes the journey in honour of his daughter.

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