Monday, January 27, 2020
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NHS Highland can confirm that the Urgent Care Centre in Portree will reopen from 6pm this evening.

The health board stated that they were left with no option but to provide the out-of-hours service for Skye and Lochalsh from Broadford only for two nights this week (12 and 13 September) due to a staffing shortage.

However, the temporary suspension has been lifted and services will resume as normal this evening.

NHS Highland’s district manager for Skye, Lochalsh and West Ross, Kate Earnshaw, said: “We are pleased to confirm that we are in a position to reopen the Urgent Care Centre in Portree from 6pm this evening (Thursday, 14 September 2017).

“NHS Highland would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused by the temporary suspension of the service.”

Ian Blackford MP expressed "deep displeasure" stating: "As things stand, I have been assured that the urgent care centre in Portree shall re-open Thursday at 6pm and NHS Highland shall put out a statement later today further explaining the situation. If for whatever reason, urgent care provision does not resume at Portree by 6pm I will take this up in the strongest possible terms with NHS Highland Chair David Alston.

"More generally, I would like to outline my deep displeasure that NHS Highland seem unable at present to adequately manage the resources that are available to them. I am aware that concerned onlookers will naturally assume that this is a cynical running down of services at Portree. Any such manoeuvres shall not be tolerated by myself, my colleagues or by locals. Again I shall be seeking assurances in the strongest possible terms that the temporary closure of out-of-hours urgent care in Portree does not happen again.

"As is my duty I will continue to work with but also hold to account NHS Highland to assure that the highest possible level of care is provided to the people of Skye & Lochalsh, as well as elsewhere in the constituency.

"The current situation isn’t acceptable and if not rectified as soon as possible (September 14th, 6pm) I will do all within my power to protect the interests of my constituents."

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