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Sound, sight and taste – all three of those senses will be delighted at this year's Skye Live Festival.

Festival organiser, Niall Munro, along with co-directors Ali MacIsaac and Michael Pellegrotti, have spent the best part of a year planning the festival – and, as well as creating a breathtaking audio experience, aims to utilise the senses of taste and sight.

"We will be back up at The Lump this year and it's important to make it a visual show, as The Lump is such a magical site," he told The Skye Times.  "The site lends itself perfectly to this music event, so we want to make it picturesque and iconic."

To do this, Niall has organised two stages - including one very special stage built around the Apothecary's Tower.  "Double Take Projections, who recently opened up the new Forth Road Bridge with a fantastic visual and light show, will be in charge of the tower projection duties," explained Niall.  "They are going to light up the tower and make it really atmospheric.  I'm excited to see what it looks like!"

Niall's brother, Calum Munro, will be giving the audience a true flavour of Skye.  Calum, owner of Portree's Scorrybreac restaurant, aims to feature Skye produce at the festival.  "The focus will be rustic, but local, fresh produce," Niall said.  "The Scorry pop up is going to be called Scorry Scran."

The event, which will take place on Friday, September 22 and Saturday, September 23, will feature Django Django, Niteworks, Optimo and Joy Orbison.  "Those acts are a good representation of the festival as a whole," Niall stated.  "The overall feel is Celtic, dance and electronic."

Niall's love of music festivals goes back to when he was at school.  "I remember the weeks prior to the original Skye Festival," he said.  "The excitement of knowing it was on, going there and finding out about new music I'd never heard before was phenomenal.  I want to create that same kind of thing for people on Skye and those coming from far away.  I love the fact that we are able to bring such a world-class line up to Skye."

To get tickets for two days of entertainment, visit  Tickets are also available at the Skye Music Shop in Portree.

Above: Skye Live 2015.

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