Tuesday, January 21, 2020
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It was no hi-tech rescue when firefighters were called to save a bovine stuck in a bog.

Instead the crews from Portree, Broadford and Dunvegan hefted pitchforks and spades to manually dug out the stranded £2,000 beast.

The exhausted and very hungry bull was discovered 48 hours after it was last seen roaming Ben Aketil windfarm on Skye. Rescuers believe the animal had tumbled three feet in a remote area of peatland. When later crofter Ian Duncan discovered it with just its head sticking above the mud, the Fire service was called for help.

Firefighter at Broadford fire station Martin Benson said: “The bull had been stuck for a considerable amount of time and had lost a lot of weight.

“We cut the peat bank as best we could around the bull which was about three feet below ground level - and stuck at either side when we arrived.

“Eventually we managed to carve out some room for the bull to wriggle itself free.”
He added: “The first thing the animal did was shake itself down and go for something to eat!

“In such a remote, agricultural area these rescues are sometimes necessary - and it’s nice to have a happy outcome.”

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