Tuesday, January 21, 2020
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The 2017 Skye Agricultural Show brought together family and friends for a glorious day out on Saturday 5 August.

The event was held under glorious blue skies - punctuated with occasional rain showers!  

The event included a cooking and crafts tent, sheep-shearing, a dog show, a horse show and a display of tractors.  

The poultry section was not in place this year, but it is hoped that it will return for the 2018 Show.  

A display of vintage tractors were available for children to sit and play on.

Amusements included bouncy castles, soft play area and a climbing wall.  


Ore Country Terriers were at the Show, demonstrating the determination of the tiny dogs and their tendency to keep firm hold.

Dogs of all shapes, sizes and breeds were at the event.  

The dog show took place at 1:30pm.  

The Isle of Skye Pipe Band entertained the crowds at various intervals during the day.

The crowds were treated to a display of Highland dancing.  

The Crofter's Olympics provided amusement during the latter part of the day.

A team of two were required to take part in various challenged, including a wheelbarrow race.

The crofter was then required to push his partner in a quad bike, then hitch a trailer to the quad bike.  

A game of pass the parcel was played - with a truly gigantic parcel!

The entries in the cookery competition looked delicious.  

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