Tuesday, January 21, 2020
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Struan's bookshop and cafe is set to reopen after undergoing a change of name and ownership.

Mòr Books and the Windrush Cafe Studio has become Bog Myrtle Skye, owned by Renee Mason, Shaun Stridgeon and their daughter, Matilda.

Renee told The Skye Times the story behind the name, saying: "My paternal Great Grandmother was a Myrtle Macdonald and, as the family history goes, she had a Skye connection.

"I wanted to use the name Myrtle because of the Scottish connection (and because Nanna Myrtle was a character).

"While researching I stumbled across the Bog Myrtle plant. I love the combination of the name (rough and ladylike), and, as it happens, bog myrtle has amazing properties - midge repellant, antibacterial, and was once used as a camphor rub by crofters with a touch of the cold. Eventually we'd like to stock a range of bog myrtle related products.

We have taken on all the books and most of the textiles, but the focus until the end of this season will be developing the cafe."

The family's previous homes include Australia, New Zealand, Spain and China - all of which will influence the direction their menu will take.

Renee continued: "We've introduced an All Day Breakfast menu and hope to build a bit of a Brunch culture in Struan. We've also got a changing Lunch Menu as we figure out what works.  

"Shaun was Head Chef at Edinbane Inn but has stepped aside to develop Bog Myrtle."

Renee will draw on her skills as a librarian and teacher as she develops the bookshop aspect.  "I am in my element with the books," she told The Skye Times.  "I plan to increase our collection of children's literature and local books."

The shop will be open all year round.  During winter, Renee and Shaun plan to host book clubs, workshops and occasionally evening meals.

Renee stated: "We've been overwhelmed by the support from the Struan community - we've had most of the village in already to say hello."

Find out more about Renee and Shaun's venture here, or on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter at @bogmyrtleskye.

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