Tuesday, January 21, 2020
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Demolition underway

Builders creating the brand new Raasay distillery have been busy this week – demolishing!

For as part of the overall project which will see the new concern up and running next year and likely to attract around 12,000 visitors a year to the island, a section of the old Borodale House, which will form part of the overall complex, is being pulled down.

This week work begin to remove the old extension which is then, in due course, to be replaced by the actual distillery production unit.

With the distillery set to open and begin production in April 2017, the first single malt from Raasay will be bottled in 2020 and the backers of the project, R&B Distillers, are predicting an eventual production of 150,000 bottles of Scotch whisky per year.

According to the company not only will the new concern bring extra visitors to Raasay and boost the local economy but there will also be additional jobs for locals.

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