Tuesday, January 21, 2020
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Sconser could have its very own bunkhouse, if a planning application submitted to the Highland Council proves successful.

Morag and Hector Nicolson intend to build a small bunkhouse on their land, which is adjacent to the ferry carpark.  

Mr Nicolson has lived all his life in Sconser.  He works as a stone mason and dry stone waller, so plans to undertake the stonework on the bunkhouse himself.

Mrs Nicolson has retired from her job in the High School and currently runs a small holiday letting cottage adjacent to their house.  

The bunkhouse is intended as a new business venture for the couple in their later working years.  

The proposed building is on the site of an old ruined blackhouse.  

As the intended clients will be visitors arriving by bus, foot, ferry and bike, no car parking facilities are planned adjacent to the bunkhouse.  

This and further planning applications can be viewed here.

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