Thursday, November 14, 2019
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A rescue dog taking a walk on Skye is in the running to win a pet-friendly holiday in the Isles of Scilly.

Owners Linda and Craig Moore entered a photograph of three-year-old Charlie looking windswept during a brisk walk on the Isle of Skye into a Countryfile competition.

But last year Charlie nearly died after his immune system started attacking his joints.

"He went from being like a puppy to an old man overnight. He couldn't stand up or walk and wouldn't eat or drink," said Linda.

The couple took Charlie to the vet, who diagnosed him with the rare condition.


A year later, he has finally stopped taking medication and Linda is hoping that he will win the competition so the couple can take him on holiday.

As of today (Saturday 15 July), Charlie has 513 votes and he is in the running to win the contest.

Linda said: "I think he deserves it. He's recovering from being really poorly.

"We got Charlie from Warrington Animal Welfare two years ago. Someone had him from a puppy and I don't think he was badly treated but he's very, very energetic and he may have been too much to handle.

"He's a Jack Russell Shih Tzu cross and they have small man syndrome."

Linda added: "We thought the photo was funny because he looks like he's in a wind tunnel."

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