Wednesday, January 22, 2020
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Anyone who hasn't had their say on the Proposed West Highland and Islands Local Development Plan (WestPlan) is encouraged to do so before midday on 21 July 2017.

Published alongside WestPlan is the Proposed Action Programme which shows how the Plan can be implemented on the ground.

Scott Dalgarno, Development Plans Manager explains, “We want to make sure that communities and other agencies work alongside the Council in delivering this plan and the Action Programme shows how that might happen. We have consulted Scottish Ministers, Key Agencies and other parties mentioned in the Action Programme during its preparation.”  

Strategic infrastructure projects for the West Highland and Islands area are identified, such as A890 Stromeferry Bypass and upgrading of facilities at Uig Harbour. Actions for specific settlements are also included, for example completion of the Portree Link Road and upgrades to Mallaig Harbour.

Comments on the plan have been coming in steadily, but the Council is urging anyone who wants to comment but has not already done so, to submit their comments before the deadline.  

Tim Stott of the Development Plans Team said, “You should let us know what you object to or support in the Proposed Plan, including any development sites, and mention the reasons why you object/support and any changes you would like to be made.”

The comments received will be considered by the Council before the Plan is taken to an independent examination by a government appointed Reporter who will end up making the final decision. Tim Stott explains, “Please ensure you submit all relevant information at this stage as you may not be provided with another opportunity to do so before the Plan is finalised and adopted. Anything submitted to us after the deadline of midday on 21 July 2017 may not be accepted by the Scottish Government Reporter.”

The easiest way to view the Proposed Plan and make comments is online here.  You will need to register to submit comments but can then use these login details for future consultations and will be kept informed of future events. It also allows you to save draft comments and store your submission for your future reference.  Any issues regarding access or use of the website (for example if you cannot access the internet) should be directed to the Development Plans Team on 01349 886608, who will provide an alternative method for submitting comments. It may also be viewed at public and mobile libraries in the Plan area.

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