Saturday, April 20, 2019
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A man who lived on Skye as a young boy has returned after at least a 47 year long absence.

David Andrew Smith Patterson lived in Uig from 1936 to 1941 and this year, at age 87, he returned to his previous island home.

This marks the first time Mr Patterson has returned to Skye since 1970.  

His daughter, Shona Diggines, told The Skye Times: "My dad has been quite poorly for a while and this was on his bucket list to do.  On Thursday 18 May, he and my mum packed their little car and drove up from Norfolk."

Mr Patterson lived in the Post Office house in Uig, with his family renting the house and the Post Office renting one of the downstairs rooms.

Shona said: "He remembers earning his pocket money by rowing out to the boats to deliver telegrams from the Post Office.  I find that amazing, as he would have been so young.

"They moved to the island his dad was commissioned as an engineer on the roads of Skye.  Soon after, though, the War started and he had to leave as he joined the army.

"The photos are my dad aged about 6 sitting on the fence opposite Uig post Office. The other one is of him 'now' outside the old Post Office. The bay is where he remembers rowing out.

"He is very excited to be on Skye, without needing  to be on a boat! He had planned to come last year but had been unwell. He is hoping to visit places he remembers from his childhood days such as the school. He thought it was exciting to see the old Uig School being 'transformed'." 


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